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CANNY CASE - Locking Smell Proof Case



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100% SMELL PROOF. Each CANNY odor proof case is designed with activated charcoal, bamboo charcoal fabric and water resistant PVC to protect from all odors leaving the travel bag. 

CANNY smell proof cases are a generous size measuring 9 inches by 6 inches by 4 inches for ample storage for all your personal items. Discreet, functional, and durable. 

Each smell proof container has multiple storage pockets, a cross pattern elastic item holder and adjustable storage compartments allowing you to adjust and customize your stash case any way you like!

CANNY stash bags come with a small easy to use combination lock to protect and secure any items such as wallet, phone, make-up, medications, keys or travel items.

Made with durable waterproof fabric to hold up on all your adventures, traveling and storage needs. Lightweight design to be easily carrier around. 

What is a CANNY? 

A CANNY is a premium smell proof case designed with high quality smell resistant materials and has a contemporary sleek look for everyday use.  Every CANNY is a discreet yet functional odor eliminating pouch that can travel anywhere with you.  Made of durable water resistant PVC material on the outside to protect all your belongings including herbs, medicinal items, wallets, phones or any odor producing item. Layered in each CANNY smell proof container is activated carbon fabric and bamboo charcoal smell resistant fabric.  Creating the largest porous surface area of micro pockets on the market to eliminate all smells and odors.  CANNY odor eliminating pouches are designed with bamboo fabric for a soft plush design to store fragile goods, while offering anti-microbial properties to remove any fungus or bacteria. CANNY Smell proof bags are extremely lightweight and can be easily stored in desks, cars, backpacks, lockers, duffel bags, or can be carried around in fashion!  Last but not least, each CANNY comes with an easy to use combination lock, protecting all your personal items.

Why choose a CANNY?

CANNY is a family owned USA based company which offers the highest quality smell resistant products.  Each CANNY bag has a one year no questions asked warranty. Here at CANNY we are innovating fashionable yet discreet smell proof cases and bags with the customer in mind.

New design:

CANNY smell proof cases are all designed to be odor proof, water resistant, and lightweight. Designed for the person on the go to carry and protect your personal items while traveling. Each smell proof container comes with one large storage pocket and one small zipper pocket. Every CANNY case has a removable elastic criss cross strap divider. This strap technology allows you to hold your personal items in place and safely secures them while traveling. In the large main compartment comes 5 adjustable protective padded dividers so you can customize your case to any configuration. The interior of the smell proof case has a layer of plush bamboo charcoal fabric which is soft, odor resistant, and antimicrobial to keep your case smell free! CANNY smell proof locking cases are perfect for traveling, festivals, beaches, offices, home, and your car! 


CANNY bags were designed with bamboo charcoal to absorb unpleasant odors. The porous structure of bamboo charcoal naturally deodorizes, helps remove bacteria, allergens and absorbs moisture.

For best results make sure the zippers are fully closed. Hardware should also be handled with care.

Your CANNY can be hand washed in cold water with gentle soap. Reshape when wet and lay flat to dry.
Do not machine wash.

To maximize its benefits occasionally recharge your CANNY. Do this by simply laying the bag under direct sunlight for 1-2 hours per side. Do not overexpose to light, heat, or water.

If you love your CANNY, it'll love you back.


  • Hand wash
  • Do not wash machine wash
  • Do not wring
  • Do not Bleach
  • Dry flat

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CANNY CASE - Locking Smell Proof Case

CANNY CASE - Locking Smell Proof Case